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Kirk Lorange

Topics covered will be:

Fretboard navigation: I will be teaching you the mindset I adopted many years ago as described in my book PlaneTalk. It enables you to see the fretboard as a unit at all times.

Improvisation: The PlaneTalk mindset allows you to freely improvise over any chord progression (not just the blues) without ever wondering about scales, modes or 'boxes'. Here is some improvisation in a promo video I put together for PlaneTalk.

Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning: I have been playing slide since the late 1960s and I play in standard tuning. I will run through the various techniques I use, such as muting, vibrato, playing behind the slide, chords, single note lines, double stops, etc. Here is a good example of slide guitar in standard tuning I posted years ago.

Fingerstyle arranging: One my favourite things is arranging well known tunes for fingerstyle guitar. I will show you an example of how I go about it. I will also be talking about finger style guitar in general. Here is one of the many lessons I have at my YouTube Channel.

General music theory and other guitar related subjects.

How Much does it cost?

$100 - For which you get the two-hour (plus) workshop, the PlaneTalk Package* and the Slide Guitar DVD.

Please drop me a line at or call me on 0424 555 918 if you are interested in attending. The date and venue will depend on how many players express an interest.

Kirk Lorange

*Consists of the Book, The Guitar Slide Rule, The DVD and membership at the private online forum where you will find 20 stand-alone PlaneTalk related lessons.

For those who already have the PlaneTalk Package, cost will be $35.

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